Monday, July 01, 2002

Half of the year 2002 is over, finished, past. Time for a self-assessment:
  • 6 months of being employed, making fair money, providing for the family.

  • excelling at my new job, good recognition, respect from mgmt team

  • keeping expenses in check. No debt except mortgage.
  • healthy - have not been sick all year.
  • still not happy with current job, making no progress in career.

  • still doing a lousy job of keeping up with old friends

  • need to make more home improvements - kitchen/bathrooms/exterior paint/windows/doors

  • need to lose more weight - get more exercise, get in better shape

  • I really can't complain. Everything is fine. I know many people have more earth-shattering problems than I do. My end of year goal remains the same - better job.

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