Saturday, August 03, 2002

I know I should read the new book by Mathematica inventor, Stephen Wolfram called A New Kind of Science
A New Kind of Science
. It's huge at almost 1200 pages, but I gather it is written in an easy to read style, and I am sure I have enough scientific background to understand. The book has been getting impressive reviews, even if some reviewers are taking Wolfram to task for certain mistakes in the areas of natural selection and biology. I suppose I have been reluctant to start such a big book while I have so many things on my mind. It's been easier to just find a fun book, such as Basket Case
Basket Case
by Carl Hiaasen. It's funny, but not wacky, opinionated, but not preachy, fulfilling, but not demanding. Over the last few evenings, I have enjoyed following the adventures of a 40-something newpaper guy as he tries to resurrect his career by finding out who killed the has-been rock star. Evil thugs, a Courtney Love-type pop-singing widow, a frozen lizard, and a morally corrupt newspaper owner set the tone of this easy to digest novel (and it's short at only 1/4 of the pages of that science book!)

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