Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I am sitting in my cubicle this afternoon, reading weblogs instead of doing whatever it is they pay me to do here. As usual, the webloggers are reflecting what's going on in the media, in office and classroom discussions, in pub and coffeeshop debates. The buzz this week surrounds tomorrow's anniversary.

Everybody has staked out their turf. I don't feel like linking to anything in particular.

Some people are mad because other people are tired of grieving. Others are grieving because some people want more war. Or less. Displays of patriotism and pictures of the twin towers, the impact, the aftermath are flooding the ether. Sadness and anger, fear and strength, helplessness and resolve are tossed around equally. Communities of like minded individuals link to each other to create webs of commonality, camaraderie, and a validation of their viewpoints.

Some posts are well written and thoughtful, while others are arrogant and ignorant. Reading the various entries makes me think or makes me mad. Some make me nod my head in agreement. It's important that people express themselves. We don't all need to agree with each other. Filter the opinions that offend you. Learn from others' experiences and viewpoints. Engage your brain and think for yourself.

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