Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I had lunch by myself in Los Altos this afternoon. While eating my burrito I flipped through a copy of today's Palo Alto Daily News. There was a funny political cartoon about the latest Florida elections. Some election workers are searching through stacks of ballots for Bill McBride and Janet Reno, when one happens to find another large bag of ballots. He turns to his coworkers and says something along the lines of "Oh look, more Al Gore votes."

I found it amusing, anyway, so I thought I'd try to find the cartoon and link to it here. I went to the Daily News website where I found this interesting Q & A:

Question: Why doesn't the Daily News post its stories online?

Answer: We want you to go out and pick up our newspaper each day.
Newspapers across the country have abandoned their Web sites because they can't make money operating them. Experience has shown that online advertising doesn't work.
When a newspaper comes up with a online business model that makes financial sense, we'll take the same approach.

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