Monday, September 23, 2002

The new Sherlock 3 web services application in Mac OS X has some very cool features. I used the movie preview features the other day, and quickly checked out the eBay auction tracking. From what I've read, Apple borrowed heavily from Karelia Software's Watson. According to the Watson FAQ it's "a better product" than Sherlock 3. There's more functionality and better performance. I'm conflicted about paying $30 for something that is essentially bundled into the operating system I just upgraded. I do like their licensing agreement, however. With a single user license, it "Allows you to use Watson on one individual computer except if you install it on both your laptop and your desktop. In that case, only one registration is needed for both computers." This is very nice since I use my laptop and desktop equally and don't really feel like paying for something twice. I guess I'll download the demo and try it out.

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