Thursday, October 24, 2002

An exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art later this year should appeal to fans of computer animation, Japanese Manga and Anime, and those interested in the philosophical implications of digitally created beings. The exhibit titled No Ghost Just a Shell runs from December 14, 2002 to March 16, 2003.
    No Ghost Just A Shell was initiated when French artists and frequent collaborators, Pierre Huyghe and Phillippe Parreno, paid a visit to an agency that produced and sold computer files for fictive characters. Anyone, from comics producers to advertisers, can go to these agencies and, in essence, "buy" an actor. The artists bought a Japanese manga character by the name of Annlee. Huyghe and Parreno used the computer file as a starting point for an extended exhibition process for which several artists have been asked to appropriate the character and make a short digital animation that brings Annlee to life. For the presentation at SFMOMA, the artists will bring together all of the films under the title, No Ghost Just A Shell, an imaginary film that needs an actor in order to exist.

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