Saturday, October 12, 2002

I am finally grinding to a halt today. It's a paradoxical situation. I never have time to relax on the weekends, and I never have time to do all of the things I need to get done.

Today was Education Day at McClellan Ranch Park. It is an annual event put on by the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society. The kids potted some flowers, colored bird pictures, and made peanut butter & bird seed feeders. My youngest daughter built a wooden bird house. There were reptile exhibits, composting demonstrations and of course, lots of bird activities. The weather was fantastic and the kids had a good time.

When we got home I finished the tree trimming project I started last weekend. One of the trees in the front yard was growing over the top of the roof and under the eaves. Standing on a ladder, I shaped the top of the tree. I kept getting down, stepping back to the sidewalk, and taking a long look at the tree. Then I would climb back up the ladder, snip one branch and go back down again. It took awhile, and I am sure the neighbors thought I was crazy. I think it looks ok - from all angles.

After the outdoor project, I decided to tackle an indoor construction job. A few weeks ago I measured the interior of the master bedroom closet, noted the measurements on a preprinted form, and faxed the form to LeeRowan, a manufacturer of Shelving and Storage Systems for Your Home and Closet. Several days later I received in the mail a complete set of plans, with a parts list, including the Home Depot part number. Yesterday after work I stopped by Home Depot and picked up the necessary parts.

Ok, like usual I had to make multiple trips to Home Depot. The first trip was a bust because it slipped my mind that the shelves were 8 feet long and were not going to fit into my BMW. I went back later with the Volvo station wagon - the seats fold down.

Anyway, this afternoon I cleaned out the closet, threw all the clothes in another room and proceeded to take apart the existing closet. I stopped to grab a sandwich, and also stopped to read Harry Potter (we're on book 3 now) to my daughter at bedtime. After the kids went to bed I had to be quiet so I measured and cut the shelves and finally called it quits about 45 minutes ago. I took a hot shower, and now I am going to read what other "bloggers" have written on this fine Saturday.

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