Sunday, October 20, 2002

The weekend:
coffee at starbucks, a couple of tasty bagels. to the california native plant society's annual plant sale. too many people. bought nothing. next to santa clara triton museum of art for family hands-on art day. played with clay, creative fun. home for some gardening. pruned trees, hedges, roses. i don't even remember what we did last night after the kids went to bed. too tired. this morning, large pot of coffee, pancakes and bacon. sunday school and home depot. returned the leftover closet project parts. bought new home repair hardware. drilling and screwing this afternoon. updated quicken accounts. paid bills. vacuumed garage. met marsha a neighbor from down the street and around the corner. asked if she could dig up some palm tree seedlings that had been growing wild in my yard. gave me some iris bulbs. reds, purples, says she will come back with a black iris. dinner was pasta, chicken, and mushrooms in a wine sauce. stevenot chardonnay. got the kids to bed, made lunches, ironed clothes. played with iPhoto until bedtime.

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