Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Here's an other example of online journalism not "getting it". I find this article in The Daily Californian about a new online test preparation service for high school students. The University of California has set up the California Virtual High School Web site to offer SAT I and ACT preparation courses for students who need to take those tests. The new service is free and is aimed at helping California students to perform better on the standardized tests.

The article covers all of the basics of the program, compares it to prep-for-pay services like The Princeton Review, and ends with this quote from a UC spokesperson: ""I think people will welcome it...The challenge is letting people know it's available." And what did they forget to include? The URL to the web site!

After entire seconds of research and another fraction of a minute fact-checking, I was able to determine the path to the website.
California Virtual High School

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