Friday, November 08, 2002

Ok. There's a small problem with blog*spot this morning. I typed in my URL,, and arrived at a page that purports to be "Gina's musings on transgenderism, fashion, music, records, books, telly, life, the universe and everything". This is not your regular Intricate Plot.

Gina hasn't posted since 12/31/01, when she left this amusing set of questions
    "I'm still getting myself in a state about this possibility of going out tonight. Shall I or shan't I? HELP!
    And if I do go, shall I wear make-up? And if I don't wear make-up, then what the hell do I wear? Oh dear, this whole thing is much too difficult."

I guess if you are transgendered, life is full of difficult questions. The site is Eeeeeks! It's a blog! if you're interested.

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