Monday, November 25, 2002

My wife and I have been discussing whether or not to take our 7 year old daughter to the new Harry Potter movie. We have read the book, and watched the first movie on DVD. My daughter loves the stories, but is slightly scared by the Lord Voldemort scenes in The Sorceror's Stone. She also had some uneasy moments this past Halloween, getting scared of skulls, scary masks, and other gruesome visuals. She seems to be a sensitive little girl who worries about "bad thoughts", especially at night when her overactive little brain processes the things she's seen.

I have heard mixed reviews of the "fright factor" in The Chamber of Secrets. Having read the book we know about the Chamber and the Basilisk, but how are they portrayed? My daughter's 2nd grade teacher sent a note to the class Yahoo! group relating how she thought the movie was scarier than the first one. Doc saw the movie this weekend and said "Not nearly as scary as the first movie." I have heard other mixed reviews from other people.

I suppose we could preview the movie without my daughter, then determine if we should take her. Even so, I am not sure we'd be able to watch the movie and relate to it as our 7 year old would. It might be best to wait until the DVD is released, and watch it at home.

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