Friday, June 21, 2002

I think having a sense of humor is important. I've always been a funny guy. I used to clown around in grade school, use humor to hide my insecurities in high school, and to put a spin on my flirting in college. As I grew older I became a bit more cynical, but I still try to appreciate the humor in everyday situations. Last night I was thinking how great it was to be with someone who has a very similar sense of humor. It's not absolute, but we tend to laugh at the same types of things, with the same intensity. We usually like intelligent humor, but enjoy something stupid or corny occaisionally. Dirty jokes are good if they're not gross, and we're not offended by profanity, or sexist jokes if they are obvious parodies. Racist jokes make us uncomfortable, and any of the above jokes told by the wrong person are despised. Neither of us is very good at telling standard jokes, but we are humorous story tellers, and are quick with sharp-witted comebacks. We like each other's sense of humor and would probably place it in the top 10 things we like about the other person.

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