Friday, June 21, 2002

Thank you Lynn for linking back to me from your Poet and Peasant site. Today she posted one of those questionnaires that everyone is filling out. It's A to Z and here are my answers:

A - Animals/Pets: One cat, one bird, one fish. Yes, the cat wants to eat the other guys.
B - Best Friends: That would be my wife.
C - Cohabitants: I live with 4 women (every guy's fantasy, until it happens :-) that's one wife, one grown daughter, 2 little ones.
D - Desire(s): To get a new job, something I enjoy doing.
E - Eye Color: Brown
F - Favorite Food(s): Chicken, Asian foods, Spicy foods
G - Games: Not a big game player, a little bit of mind games, word games.
H - Habit(s): I HAVE to read something before going to sleep.
I - Interests: Varied --- Geeky: Computers, Reading, Stamp collecting. Non geeky: Wine, Art, Music
J - Job: Currently selling production color printing systems, but I've been in engineering, marketing, business development, product planning. I worked at a successful company that went public, then a failed start-up and now I'm looking for something else challenging.
K - Kitchen (Wonder or Blunder?): Good cook - I learned to cook from my French mother.
L - Languages: English. A little bit of French. 10 or so words each in Japanese, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, and Greek
M - Most Valued Possession(s) (an item, not people/pets): I'm very fond of my Apple G4 Cube and my cameras.
N - Name (Named after?): Mark. I don't believe I was named after anyone.
O - Outfit You Love: Black sweater, black slacks, black shoes.
P - Pizza Toppings: Clam and Garlic. I used to get together with my friend Lisa G and share an anchovy pizza once in a while
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: How's the job?
R - Relationship/Partner: Excellent. Love, Excitement, More ups than downs.
S - Sport: Olympics, World Cup, International Competitions
T - Television Show(s): CNN Headline News, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet shows, Junkyard Wars
U - Unsavory characteristic(s): Low tolerance for stupid people, I can be not very nice sometimes
V - Video (Favorites): Usually whatever I've seen recently and liked. All time favs: A Boy and His Dog, TapeHeads, Matrix
W - Webpage (Favorite--not your own): Slashdot, My Yahoo.
X - Xylophone (or other Instrument?): Played several instruments when I was younger - I'm a listener now.
Y - Year Born: 1961
Z - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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