Friday, July 12, 2002

A wonderful experience at San Jose International Airport this morning
    We arrive at American Airlines and there are about 8 different lines. There are no informative signs, so we ask the people at the end of each line why they are standing there. Most people don't know, having been told to "go stand there" by some name-tagged employee of the airline, the airport, or some security organization. We join the most likely looking line and then spot the automated, express, self check-in kiosk near the counter. We interface with this machine, but it constantly tells us the airline has no knowledge of our 20 year old passenger. Pushing up to one of the humans at the counter we learn the following pieces of information, in the following order. First, we have to go stand in one of the increasingly longer lines because her ticket is not an E-Ticket. Second, where we really need to be is another line on the far side of the counter to have the ticket reissued. And last, the reason we need to get the ticket reissued is that the 7:48am flight to Chicago has been cancelled. Oh...

    So, we go join the other people who we learn have been stranded by cancelled flights to Dallas and Denver as well. The line is long and we're heading toward a sign that says "Advanced Ticket Sales only". After about half an hour an airline employee passes through our line asking us if we are all here to get our ChicagoDallasDenver tickets reissued. A gentleman behind us informs her he is buying an ticket for a later flight to somewhere else. He was quite displeased to hear that despite what the sign said, he needed to join a twice as long line in order to do that. He vehemently expressed that displeasure. We cheered.

    After a snails pace march to the counter, we finally got my daughter a ticket. She'll arrive at her final destination about an hour later than she had planned - if everything else goes well.

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