Friday, August 30, 2002

I had an appointment in downtown Santa Clara this morning. As I was driving back to the office I pulled alongside a white van at a stop light. Printed on the side of the van was a large image of a cowboy, on horseback, chasing several wild horses. The cowboy was twirling a lasso over his head in hot pursuit of the thundering horses. It was an impressive image and I stared at it until the light changed. The van moved ahead of me and I saw a website URL and a telephone number on the back hatch. My memory has not deteriorated completely - I remembered the URL.
The name of the photographer is Don Schimmel. The image printed on the van is right there on his main page. It's called "The Last Roundup", and it appears to be his signature image. He has some nice western themed photographs and his pricing is very reasonable for framed fine art prints.

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