Sunday, September 29, 2002

I paid my $50 and subscribed to Apple's .Mac service this evening. I know they just extended the deadline to October 14th, but I had been planning to do it this weekend so I took the plunge. I've downloaded the Backup and the Virex software that comes with the deal. I quickly backed up the basics (address book, calendars, iTunes playlist, Internet Explorer files) and I am now scanning my hard disks for viruses.

I need to go figure out the 100 free Kodak Prints. I'll take advantage of that and it will essentially pay for the first year of service. It seems like a pretty good deal. I also need to configure the iSync software so I can keep my laptop and my desktop sync'ed together. That may be one of the biggest benefits. It will truly make my laptop an accessory to my desktop computer, instead of a completely separate machine.

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