Monday, September 30, 2002

When I was a kid there was always a huge amount of excitement surrounding a NASA rocket launch. My family would gather around the TV watching the countdown, screaming as the announcer shouted "We have lift-off!". We would stay glued to the TV through the different stages of the booster rocket, until finally the command module would enter the earth's orbit. We always knew the details of each mission, and the names of the astronauts on board. My parents would allow us to stay up late to watch live space walks and moon landings. Today it seems that most people are unaware of what is happening in our space program. The space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch on Wednesday. STS-112 is carrying a large piece of the International Space Station. Don't people find this exciting? It is the ultimate TV reality show, yet no one seems to be the least bit interested.

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