Tuesday, September 24, 2002

inluminent/weblog points to some problems with some online travel companies and asks "Who can I trust?" I wrote the following in his comments area:

Earlier this year I booked a hotel through Orbitz (www.orbitz.com). I got what appeared to be a fantastic rate on a nice room in Santa Barbara. Sure enough, upon arriving at the hotel I was informed that there had been a "mistake", and that my nightly rate was going to be substantially higher. Knowing that it would be impossible to find other suitable lodging in Santa Barbara, I paid the hotel's rate and then called Orbitz when I came home. They were very cooperative. They quickly took my information and got me off the phone. They called back later to let me know that the "mistake" was between them and the hotel and that I would be given a full refund for the difference of what I paid and what Orbitz quoted. The refund showed up on my next credit card statement.

In my mind they did things right:
- didn't keep me waiting on hold while they "researched" the problem
- quickly acknowledged the mistake, and accepted responsibility
- quickly fixed the problem by refunding my money.

They'll get my business in the future.

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