Friday, September 13, 2002

I wish I would have discovered this earlier. If you work near downtown San Jose, like I do, be sure to bring your sandwich and chips over to Fountain Alley next week for Lunch Vox. Lunch Vox is one of many activities being sponsored by a group called POPULUS Presents.

POPULUS Presents is a public space programming collective. We came together in response to a city initiated request for proposals to enliven San Jose's downtown core community activity. Our efforts and your support will bring to life such free events as: Circle of Palms Café, Gypsy Cinema, Cinema San Pedro, Lunch Vox, Music After Dark, Phantom Galleries, Positive Skate Experience, Saturday Art Market, SoFA Bazaar and Winter Wonderland. We look forward to seeing you downtown. Stop by and say hello.

Check out their latest events calendar. I'll be dropping by the Saturday Art Market tomorrow afternoon.

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