Tuesday, September 17, 2002

While hypertexting around during my lunch break I came across several weblogs discussing Mac OS X. The best ones:

  • Unsanity.org - software developers of Unsane Tools For Insanely Great People - Makers of haxies - Freeware and shareware MacOS X hacks that enhance the way MacOS X works; includes WindowShade X, FruitMenu, Silk, Xounds, ShadowKiller, Dock Detox and more.

  • Ken Bereskin's Radio Weblog. Ken is Apple's Mac OS X Product Manager.

  • inluminent/weblog - Mac OS, marketing, web based developments, eye candy.

    I am almost done installing Mac OS X Jaguar on all of my computers. It was tricky on the G3 Pismo laptop and a breeze on my daughter's iBook. I am now carefully working on the G4 Cube. I am cleaning up and organizing all of my files, and backing up my hard drive before making the switch from OS 9 to OS X. I am going to partition my hard drive, as many people have suggested, leaving OS 9 separate from OS X. So far, I am more positive than negative about the new operating system. I haven't noticed many bugs, and it appears that Apple is almost ready to release an upgrade.
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