Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Have I been living under a rock? Too busy with work and money and kids and car repairs and keeping the compost pile turned to notice one of the coolest toys in existence?

I was watching Nickelodeon the other night. It was probably Rugrats, though it might have been the beginning of Sponge Bob. It definitely was not Masterpiece Theatre (An aside - I don't think I've even watched something like M.T. since the kids were born). Anyway, I was picking up toys, and Pokemon cards, and Mr. Potato Head pieces off the floor and glancing at the television when the cartoon concluded and a commercial started. Now granted, the commercial was aimed at people approximately 30 years younger than myself. But I watched, and as I watched I started to want. It was that feeling you get when you see something that you need to have.

What was the object of my lust? What consumer item marketed to 8 to 12 year olds had caught my eye? The Air Snares from Mattel, two sophisticated electronic drumsticks that allow the user to rock out without even the benefit of a hard surface. With the Air Snares you can make your own block rocking beats, perform heavy metal solos, lay down smooth rhythms, or play all night jam sessions. Oh yeah, this is definitely going on my Christmas Wish List this year.

Second Thoughts
Hey! Is anyone from Mattel reading this? (sure Mark, of course they are)
Send me a set of Air Snares and I will write a review. (Mark, the famous toy reviewer!)
I will post it on Intricate Plot (averages 15-20 hits a day!)
and I will post it on Blogcritics (OK! Now we're talking)

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