Wednesday, October 09, 2002

One of my least serious vices is a love of chocolate. I like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sauce on chocolate ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries and most things on the shelf at See's Candies. When I am in San Francisco, one of my favorite places to go for a rich snack is Ghirardelli Square. Domingo Ghirardelli, the square's namesake, has been described as "a true pioneer with a good sense for business and an absolute passion for fine chocolate." My kind of guy. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop and Soda Fountain lives on today as a monument to Mr. Ghirardelli and his sweet products. Click on the following link for a brief history of Ghirardelli Chocolate. I suggest you do it, and then go all the way to the bottom of the article where there are some yummy recipes that I'll be trying out.

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