Monday, November 04, 2002

I honestly would not call myself a sports fan. I listened to one game of the World Series on the radio, and watched two games on TV. I don't know who played who yesterday in the NFL (oh ok, 49er's/Raiders - but that's it). I think I heard that basketball season has started. While I am not really a fan of sports, I am a fan of sports writing. I think we have one of the best sports writer in the country at my home newspaper.

Mark Purdy always impresses me with his insight and the spin he'll put on a story about a group of humans and a ball. Today's Purdy column discusses two non-celebrities and a famous ball. It's the 73rd homerun ball hit by Barry Bonds over a year ago, and its worth millions tp someone who has more dollars than sense. Two local men are wasting tax dollars right now in a San Francisco courtroom as they argue over who owns the ball.

It seems that one guy "caught" the ball, but then lost it as the crowd surged. The second guy walked out of the mosh pit holding the prize. Purdy and I agree the man who holds the ball in the end wins. We'll see what the court has to say...

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