Friday, November 01, 2002

I wanted to thank Tony Pierce for the link he pointed over here from his busblog on Wednesday. It was well placed between his interview of Yao Ming the 7' 5" center from the Shanghai Sharks, and his open letter to the Los Angeles Times explaining why he should be their “first full time blogger”.

Hey, LA Times, I’m sure the opinion of a northern Californian, non-subscriber means very little but you really should take Tony seriously. One small mention on his site increased daily traffic to my site by over 300%. Imagine the quality and quantity of readers he could place in front of those ads you are running on all four sides of your pages. Those Discussion Boards you tried didn’t work out. Take a new risk, try something different. Tony might not be a professional journalist, but he’s a real pro. Sign him up for a stint as your “blogger” and you’ll instantly get some credibility (and free publicity) among the fastest growing group of innovative, intelligent and creative internet users. It makes business sense.

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