Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Personal Cal-Stanford Big Game Trivia

Cal beat Stanford in the 1993 Big Game. The final score was 45-17. Cal went on to the Alamo Bowl, where they beat Iowa, 37-3. The Big Game was on Saturday (of course), November 20, 1993. I happened to be getting married that afternoon, so attending that Big Game was out of the question. My friend Richard, an active member of the Cal Alumni Association, declined our wedding invitation in order to attend the game. A few years later we attended his wedding, also held on a Saturday in November. The old mansion they rented for the ceremony and reception was only available on one weekend, which turned out to be another Big Game day. Richard's new bride insisted he skip the Big Game that year.

Happy Anniversary to Richard and Francine (in a few days)
Happy Anniversary and thanks to my wife (9 years today)
Beat Stanford! (Saturday)

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