Friday, November 22, 2002

Some mornings the opt-in mailings in my mailbox are better than others. This morning I received an email from Pirelli informing me I could go look at their 2003 Calendar. Warning: Several of the pictures include partial or full nudity so they're NSW (not safe for work). Act accordingly.

The calendar this year is beautiful as always, with photographs by Bruce Weber, who has done everything from covers for Conde Nast to videos for the Pet Shop Boys and commercials for Calvin Klein. Composed of both black and white and color photographs, the calendar includes the standard shots of female models backed by photos including both men and women.

As always, one cannot buy the calendars from Pirelli. The printing this year is limited to 40,000 copies, and they will be distributed to a select group of people. Of course the calendars do show up on eBay.

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