Saturday, September 07, 2002

It was a great day for riding around in our convertible. The weather was warm, not hot, with almost no wind. My youngest daughter and I cruised down the relatively empty freeways, from Cupertino, to Milpitas, to Campbell and then back home. We chatted and looked at people in their cars looking at us. We listened to the radio when we were on city streets, since it's impossible to hear anything at highway speeds. We had nothing important to do and no where that we had to be. We stopped at Best Buy and Fry's to check the prices on Firewire hard disks. Before coming home we went to the grocery store. My daughter said she didn't want the fish with eyes for dinner. The lady at the fish counter asked her if she wanted to see a big fish, with big eyes. She brought a massive fish out of the back room and let us take a look at it. We settled for some wild coho salmon (just a piece, no eyes).

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